Dungeon23 02


The Butterfly House


Front door is broken. Door to main room is locked, key kept by the Butterfly Warden. A sparkling, ceremonial saddle of leather, gold, and gems is visible resting atop a high leaf in the main room.

Main Room

Humid, smells of citrus. Dense growth of large-leafed plants and oversized flowers. Three giant butterflies flutter above. The butterflies are agitated, melancholic, forgetful, up to one hundred years old. Two giant caterpillars, furred, poisonous, silently feeding. One giant chrysalis, hanging low from an enormous fern. One pane of glass in the roof has smashed, leaving patches of glass shards on leaves and the ground. In the north-west corner, under a broad leaf, a giant spider, Vyvyan. She has entered via the broken window. Vyvyan seeks eggs and larvae for her dinner. Scheming, haughty, hungry, dangerous.

Warden’s Quarters

Warden is tired, anxious, underpaid, easily influenced. Lizardfolk, named Elliot. Favourite food is egg of any origin. Wants the giant spider gone, the broken glass repaired. Possesses keys to Butterfly room, shed, and hatch. A warm stone for sleeping. Bowl of grubs on table. Two butterfly eggs in cupboard.

Utility Shed, Room One

Locked. Wheelbarrow, shovel, pitchfork, assorted small tools. 50 foot rope.

Utility Shed, Room Two

Barrel of sugar water. Workbench. Large knife, machete. Three melons. Bucket of fruit peels and rinds. Door to main butterfly room. Locked hatch in the floor, warm to the touch.

The Hatchery

Exterior door is locked. Door to main butterfly room latched, but unlocked. Warm, wet, dark, smells of fat. Shelves containing 13 wood buckets, each holding a single giant butterfly egg (the size of a butternut pumpkin) and a shallow pool of liquid. Two eggs are hatching. One has hatched, a newborn grub climbs the wall. A grate in the floor, emitting warm air. Bucket of water, a damp rag.

Image references via Virginia Tech, NGA, and photos we took while wandering through Smokva, our local community garden.