Dungeon23 01


We’ll be editing this stuff on the fly. It’s fun so far.


Stairs. If the iron cauldron is full, a player who walks to the top of the stairs and steps beyond will discover an invisible staircase that extends up to XXXX.


Groundskeeper’s hut. Locked. Inside, a cot, candles, shovel, leather gloves, notebook, pitchfork. Filthy, dark, spiderwebbed, abandoned. Ladder to rooftop garden.


Steam house. Dilapidated. Wood door, rotten, no lock. Bench seating against the walls. Lingering fire in middle of room, smoke, steam. Hot stones, bucket (half full).


Pool. Seven foot walls, warm to the touch. Within: warm, dark liquid, 30 feet deep. Leads to XXXX.


Iron cauldron. Empty. Will enable access to the invisible staircase if filled with warm water.


Small stone structure. Hole on the front, large enough to fit a human arm. Inside, a smooth-skinned, cat-sized, four-legged creature with large eyes, an iridescent sheen, and sharp teeth. Wary. Around their neck, a rope collar and leather tag with the word “Parsley” on one side, on the other, “Friend of Rudy”


Water tower. Wood tank full of fresh rainwater. Pipe leads from the tank into the earth. A rudimentary valve and tap near the base, rusted shut.


Woodshed. Piles of chopped birch. An axe. A stump.


Reflecting Pool. Shallow pond. A moonstone under the surface of the water.