Free Stone City

A cluster of pots, bowls, and jars of varying shape and size.

An outpost has grown around the humming stones.

Numbered Works No. 1,
November 2021.

A small, system-agnostic setting to drop into your RPG. Includes maps, random tables, encounters, and BEES.


1. HUT

A small A-frame structure, large enough to accommodate two humans.


A large single-roomed building with a gable roof.

‪3. ZOME‬

A dome-like structure made up of irregular triangular panels. It has a patchwork appearance. Large enough to accommodate one dozen humans.


A low, flat-roofed hut with two poles projecting from the roof. A rug is outside the door.


The home is raised on stilts and has an L-shaped platform projecting from the front. There is a side door with a ramp.


The workshop has a sheltered doorway, a roof-mounted windmill, and a lean-to on one side for storage.


A ramshackle structure with holes in the walls, allowing bees access to the hives inside.



A human figure wearing a hood and woven mask. They hold a bowl hanging from a rope. Smoke pours from the bowl.


  1. THE KEEPER wears a hood and mask. Kindly, curious. Wants to protect the bees.
  2. BEES will attack if the hive is threatened but otherwise harmless. Fluffy, fist-sized.
  3. SLOW BEASTS emerge from the outskirts to silently feed on fruit, sleep among Stones.
  4. RESEARCHERS study The Stones using arcane tools.
  5. DEVOTEES in red robes worship and chant in tune with The Stones. Moon-eyed.
  6. BANDITS gather at The Stones to heal fresh wounds. Wary, hungry, pursued.


  1. A golden haze.
  2. Thunderstorm.
  3. Unfamiliar birdsong.
  4. A message in the sand.
  5. Bats fly overhead.
  6. Sudden sun shower.
  7. Aurora.
  8. Distant droning.
  9. Sweet smelling smoke.
  10. Bells.
  11. Ominous horns.
A map of Free Stone City, showing a ring of seven structures surrounding a stone circle.


May be triggered by tampering, chanting, striking, rites, etc.

  1. The Stones disappear with a groan and blinding light, leaving great holes behind. May or may not return.
  2. The volume of the hum increases and all creatures in the vicinity fall asleep.
  3. The Stones become hot. A touch will badly burn.
  4. All metal objects are drawn toward The Stones.
  5. Gravity is weakened among The Stones.
  6. Minor earthquake. A hive is damaged.
  7. The Stones vibrate. The bees leave their hives. The Keeper is distraught.
  8. The Stones acquire a perfect mirror finish.
  9. The hum increases in pitch. All Devotees and chanters disappear.
  10. The Stones shrink until the largest is the size of an egg. Huge cavities left behind. May or may not return to original size.
  11. The Stones glow red hot. Buildings burn. The Stones sink into the earth, leaving smouldering pits.
A grid showing six objects: charms, hive, mallet, fruit, idol, and orb.